Transformer Radiator Butterfly Valves

   Radiator Butterfly valves for transformers are used oil filled transformers or Oil pipelines.Oil filled transformers have radiators for heat exchange in oil cooled transformers and Radiator valves are used in between transformer and radiators.When the radiators need to be serviced or replaced the radiator valves are closed thus stopping the oil flow from the transformer main oil tank enabling servicing or replacement of radiator without the problem of removing the entire insulating oil. Radiator Butterfly valves are also used in oil pipelines and are very effective during replacement of oil pipelines.Radiator Butterfly Valves are provided with a Butterfly Flap which is operated to open and close the valve.

   Our Radiator Butterfly valves are of High-quality with excellent surface finishing.We have both standard and offshore version valves.Standard Valves are CI casted and machined for surface finishing enabling zero leakage.Stainless steel is used for offshore version.Valves are provided with a clear visible directions for opening and closing using Butterfly Flap.Valve can be locked at open or close positions preventing accidental operation during servicing or replacement of radiators of pippelines.We supply valves which can be fitted with 50 mm to 200 mm radiators flanges or pipes.

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